Consulting Services

Michael White Associates offers clients seasoned advice based on knowledge and understanding acquired during decades of executive leadership and pioneering work in the banking, insurance and brokerage industries.

In addition to counseling clients on an project basis, MWA specializes in the following solutions for clients in the bank insurance marketplace.

Economic Assessment of Your Bank's Insurance Opportunities

Michael White Associates (MWA) works with senior management to identify their best insurance market opportunities and plan their business strategies accordingly. MWA projects revenue and income and assists each bank client in determining which forms of market entry will be most profitable for that specific institution.


Insurance Agency Appraisals

MWA conducts appraisals and valuations of insurance agencies. While these valuations are frequently done for bank clients considering the purchase of an agency, we also conduct valuations for independent insurance agencies considering their own acquisition of, or merger with, another independent agency. Agency valuations are also conducted for buy-sell agreements among owners or partners of an agency and for estate valuation purposes.

Due Diligence

To select appropriate insurance partners and products, MWA aids bank clients in performing appropriate due diligence analyses of all insurance marketers and underwriters and their products and services.

Strategic Planning

Successful bank insurance programs begin with a good plan. The MWA Bank Insurance Strategic Planner© guides banks in implementing that plan to create an insurance program that produces top-line revenue and bottom-line profits for the long-term.


Good planning without subsequent implementation is a waste of time. As General George Patton said, “Don’t delay. The best is the enemy of the good. By this I mean that a good plan ... executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” Offering vital implementation services necessary for success, MWA helps our clients move quickly from strategic planning to the launch phase of their bank insurance programs. 



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