Bank Customers Need Life Insurance

Chances are, an amazing number of 
your bank customers need life insurance.  

Over 47 percent of all Americans – at least 122 million people – have NO life insurance coverage.

This basic unmet life insurance need was estimated to be $5 trillion several years ago, and the number of uninsured people and households has only grown.

Fifty-two percent of all households and 64 percent of all persons (47 million households and 166 million people) have no individual life insurance coverage.  Half of all households and two-thirds of individuals have no group life insurance protection.

(Click on the graph to enlarge.)

Furthermore, at least 80 percent of Americans who are insured are dramatically UNDER-insured.1 

Households with life insurance coverage have far less coverage than they need. The median amount for all adults is just $30,000.

All this spells 
G-R-E-A-T   P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L 
for bank life insurance sales.


1 "...$230,000 [is the] minimum per household average many [life] insurance consultants recommend." See Stephen Advokat, "The Facts of Life," The Detroit News & Free Press, July 3, 1994, page J1+. Only 16 percent of all adults have total life insurance coverage of $150,000 or more.  



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